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Our vision is to grow as an international ministry and be a model of ordained disciples and global evangelists!​


Our mission is to train, equip and ordain disciples for the offices within the ascension gifts: as well as, teach all christians how to win souls and live Christ like.


Our church is comprised of people from all walks of life and various areas of the country. We're a community that welcomes everyone to join us in our walk of faith.



Apostle Denise M. Trimble

Apostle Denise M. Trimble is the Senior Pastor of New Day Life Ministries International, she is the mother of four (naturally), and a mother of many (spiritually). She is a powerful preacher, teacher, and effective leader of pastors. Her mission is to train and equip laborers for the Kingdom of Christ. The Lord has entrusted Apostle Trimble with all the ascension gifts (five fold ministry). As a woman of prayer, She is known for speaking what God speaks. Apostle Trimble oversees several churches locally and internationally. She is the author of the book 

"Soul Winning", which is a bible study that simplifies the salvation process and the author of "Fighting In The Church", a book that encourages churches and helps leaders, in particular, to navigate their way through an internal spiritual fight. She is the visionary of U.S.A.C, which is an outreach method that focuses on strategic and collective outreach within cities. Apostle Trimble is one of the first ministers to initiate and establish Drive-Thru Prayer in the city of Fort Wayne, which has uplifted and strengthened many people. She is the recipient of several awards, particularly she has received the "Rehoboth Visionary Award of Excellence", from the Rehoboth Fellowship of Pastors in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This award is given to ministerial leaders that have strategically worked with the community and the youth. 


Damion & Johanna Chapman 


Executive Pastor Damion Chapman and his wife Assistant Pastor Johanna Chapman are parents of six. They have both been with the ministry from the very beginning and are senior pillars in the church. Pastor Damion is a very humble man who is an ordained Prophet and he works diligently to assist Apostle Trimble in the operations of the church. Pastor Johanna Chapman is a loving woman of God who possesses compassion for his people and is a profound preacher and teacher of the Gospel of Christ.


James Johnson


Associate Pastor James Johnson and his wife Kylah Johnson are parents to four. Pastor Johnson has shown himself to be a powerful and faithful member of the body of Christ, who flows in the prophetic. With a sensitive heart for the people of God, he leads our outreach efforts as the Director of Outreach. Pastor James is a compassionate man of God that is on fire for the Lord and doing work for the Kingdom. His wife Kylah is one of our Senior Administrative Leaders. 


Holly Sell


Elder Holly Sell is the loving wife of Deacon Matthew Sell and they are the parents of six. Energetic and enthusiastic about sharing the Gospel, she is a passionate preacher and teacher, who flows in the field of evangelism. As a powerful woman of prayer, Elder Holly leads our team of intercessors. And, as an armor bearer, she cares for and assists Apostle Trimble.


Cristin Trimble


Elder Cristin Trimble is the mother of one and a profound preacher and teacher of the Word of God. A multi-talented woman of God, she has been gifted with creative skills and abilities to edify the body of Christ. An anointed psalmist and song writer, Elder Cristin has penned many songs and published two singles, "Cast All My Cares" and "In This Place". As Director of the Music Ministry she leads the church in worship regularly. Elder Cris is also an armor bearer, she cares for and assists Apostle Trimble.


D'Quan Ruth


Elder D'Quan Ruth is the loving husband of Intercessor Ciara Ruth and they are the parents of two. An extremely hard worker and amazing leader, he is one of our senior Deacons, assisting in the care of the church. As a pillar of the ministry, Elder D'Quan is a great teacher and preacher of the Gospel of Christ. 

Find Your Faith

Baptism in the name of Jesus is a part of our core beliefs here at New Day Life Ministries International

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