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Sundays                     11:00am
Tuesdays                    6:30pm
Thursdays                  6:30pm
Friday                        6:30pm

Men's Ministry

16 and up

Women's Ministry

14 and up

Young Adults Ministry


Our mission is to provide spiritual support to every man, using biblical principals and real life experiences. The ministry help's empower men to spiritually mature through God's grace.  Striving to equip every man to lead his family, whether single or married. We learn to effectively minister the gospel to our family, friends, and the world. Come join us every Monday at 6:30pm.

Our ministry is a support group where women of all walks of life (Sisters, Mothers, Wives,) can come in a confidential setting and release what is on their hearts. We desire to empower and strengthen all women through prayer, fellowship, and the sharing of biblical principles. Come join us and be encouraged every Wednesday at 6:30pm.

Our mission is to reach young souls while encouraging them to be set apart by their lifestyles, countenance, and standards of holiness. Our ministry aims to inform and remind teenagers and young adults that they are chosen by the Lord, as they are the next generation of leaders and teachers. As we consistently empower and encourage young men and women in the Lord, we continuously focus on the struggles that may come with being a young Christian and how to overcome the influences of the world. Come hear what the Lord is saying for this generation every Friday at 6:30pm. 

Our vision is to be an international ministry that is a model of ordained discipline and global evangelism!

Our vision

Our mission to train, equip and ordain disiples for offices of the five-fold ministry: as well as, teach all christians how to win souls!

Our mission

Our passion

Our passion is to see the city of Fort Wayne the way God sees it. #WeAreNDLMI and we have been established to push people to their purpose.